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Biometric screenings provide a precise assessment of the state of current health and any potential risk

Biometric screenings measure a number of physical attributes, including blood glucose, blood cholesterol, blood pressure, body mass index, weight, height, and aerobic fitness.

These tests can be carried out on-site and, over time, can be used to benchmark and evaluate health as part of a workplace health assessment.

Benefits of biometric screenings

  • Help identify, and thus prevent, a number of chronic conditions
  • Help pinpoint risk factors, e.g. high blood pressure or cholesterol, preventing any long-term complications
  • Establish whether there are any existing or potential medical concerns that need addressing
  • Highlight how employees can boost their overall health and well-being
  • Put them in touch with specialized plans/professionals that help them make changes to their lifestyle
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Biometric screenings help employers and employees

attractive medical nurse and colleagues in hospital
  • Show what programs and/or interventions will provide the best results
  • Provide essential information that helps put together wellness initiatives, moving the health of employees in the right direction
  • Demonstrate commitment and concern for the health of employees
  • Help employees become more proactive and engaged in their health

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