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Flu vaccinations help build up a person's immune system so they're able to fight off common flu infections

Flu vaccinations cause necessary antibodies to build up in the body (this takes around two weeks to develop after the vaccination), providing protection against any of the viruses present in the vaccine.

Common influenza viruses are protected against in seasonal flu vaccines.  Quadrivalent vaccines protect against four different flu viruses.  On-site flu shots make the process easy and convenient.

Diverse group of nurses

Winter can be testing time for many employers, with as many as 1/5 of employees being struck down by the flu during these colder months.

Flu vaccinations are a cost-effective way to reduce absentee costs, boost productivity, and prevent direct healthcare costs.

  • 17 million workdays are lost in the U.S. each year, due to the flu
  • Workers with the flu do not perform to the best of their ability
  • The risk of having to visit the doctor is reduced by up to 60% in people of all ages when they've had a flu vaccination

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