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Business intelligence and analytics help hospitals and health systems make better and smarter choices when it comes to delivering care and costs.

Why intelligence and analytics?

Big data is already shaping healthcare.  Business intelligence functions help improve care and streamline costs, transmitting information more quickly and efficiently.  Data analysis can impact patients by helping doctors make care recommendations quicker and even help providers figure out what specialties are needed in specific locations.

Improve outcomes and optimize business performance

Young doctor congratulating senior patient on recovery
  • Use BI to prioritize patient care and provide flow in a hospital setting
  • Streamline insurance claims and billing
  • Transmit information, such as healthcare records, prescription information
  • Use financial data to find profitable services, monitor cash flows, and create mandatory reports
  • Use BI to avoid redundant tests or paperwork and track medical records by leveraging a more seamless system
  • Deliver more personalized medical recommendations
  • Provide better preventative care using big data to power decision-making

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